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Tampa, Florida


Portable Welding in the Tampa Bay Area

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I am welding the braces to hold "true" the socket that is to receive the 140 foot flagpole at I-4/I-75. I am welding the braces to hold "true" the socket
that is to receive the 140 foot flagpole at I-4/I-75.

Marion working on a hog trapMarion working on a hog trap

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• 31 Years of Experience

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Marion Lambert
6101 S. 2nd St.
Tampa, FL CSA 33611


Location Map

Wild Hog in Trap   Hog Trap with a hog in it
140 flag pole being welded   140 foot flag pole being welded.
The flag pole going up   The flag pole going up

Tampa, Florida

To be able to weld (or to join similar metals together) is definitely a talent.  A talent that I began to develope through two different training programs in the late 1970’s.  A basic course and then a pipe welding class.  In all, about a year of alternating frustration and success.  Learning to be a proficient and competent welder of metals is not the quick transition of novice to journeyman.  But it is a process where the God given ability is honed and evolved into an actual “second nature.”

But that first year’s initiation was just that – an initiation into the world of metal.  In the very early 1980’s, I discovered that the welding talent is but the entry point into the real world – the shipyard.  The real world of metal and steel is much more than just welding.  Tampa Shipyard didn’t even hire me as a welder.  They found that I had an ability with the oxyacetylene torch, a measuring tape and with numbers.  Hired on as a third class fitter, I quickly moved up to first class and became quite familiar with washing out bad plate (with a wash torch), rolling plate, breaking plate, hanging steel, fitting steel, and the various kinds of steel.  The makeup and structure of the steel ship, vessel or barge for two years became my advanced schooling into the world of real men, real metal, real situations and real welding.

In late 1982, I used my boilermaker union card to work for awhile as a pipe welder at the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant.  After my first child was born I got a job back in Tampa at Gulf Tampa Drydocks.  Gulf Tampa was my working home for six years where I settled in to a routine through which welding and working with metal became truly, my second nature.  There I was a “combination man,” a fitter and a welder – first class at both.  The abilities became to me as natural and flowing as the ability one acquires in riding a bike.

In 1988, I gave up that life and went back to my family and to the farm to be a beekeeper by vocation.  Beekeeper I have been since that time until the present. 

In 2005, seeing opportunity, I loaded up my diesel ford truck with welding equipment, took a 16 foot boxed tool trailer and went to Mississippi just after hurricane Katrina had devastated the northern gulf coast.  Setting up on a deserted corner in Biloxi, I got a business license and for six months, living in a tent, I repaired all sorts of equipment related to the disaster cleanup.  Track hoes, bobcats, dump trucks, trailers, dump trailers, roll-off boxes - brother you name it and it got repaired.

Today, I live on a four acre farm (the last of its kind) in South Tampa.  We have plenty of beehives, a couple of horses, a jack, a pony, chickens and goats – but to the point, I have plenty of ability, a shop, plenty of tools, and a mobile welding unit ready to come to you.


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